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About us

Direct Services Ltd (directservices.bg) is a Bulgarian company for outsourcing services with participation of the ANY Security Printing Company. Striving for continuous development and focusing on our customers’ needs are the foundations of our business model. We are vertically organised and offer complete solutions - from analysis to final product in each of the following areas:

  •     Fast production and delivery of invoices, bills or customised marketing materials to a large number of customers and subscribers.
  •     Production of high quality printed materials such as envelopes, letterhead, stickers, brochures and calendars.
  •     Production of books, manuals and brochures in small runs with the ability to personalise each copy.
  •     Physical documents management, digitalisation of archives, physical storage of paper documents.
  •     Developing systems for loyal customers based on cards for customer identification.
  •     Implementation of systems for protection against counterfeiting and imitation products. 

Our product mix solves operating problems and saves investment costs for our customers - leading companies from various sectors of the economy - finance, insurance, utilities, telecom, manufacturing, marketing and services.

Production processes are organised in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

Special attention is paid to the security of our clients' data. In addition to the installed systems for physical and electronic protection, the company has "professional responsibility" insurance to cover all risks associated with the performance of those services.

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