• Mailing Services

    Whether you are a small business and plan a mailing campaign with targeted ads or you are the largest utility provider, we can assure the overall project implementation. From the processing of databases,the production of envelopes, variable data printing, enveloping, throughout the delivery to recipients doorstep.

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  • Digital Printing

    Technological developments in recent years violate ancient hegemony of offset printing. With each passing year digital printers occupy market spaces and create new, previously unseen business opportunities.

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  • Electronic records

    Exported document processing is a specialised area of exported business processes (Business Process Outsourcing). Direct Services offers processing and storage of documents and convert printed and handwritten text from paper and electronic format (eg. scanned image of the document) into electronic information.

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  • Electronic Communications

    The rapid development of information technology in recent years changed many business models and has irreversible effects on the printing industry. There is a clear trend of "dematerialisation" of physical media on account of digital content. And we know much about it.

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