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Digital Printing

  Technological developments in recent years violate ancient hegemony of offset printing. Year by year digital printers gain market share and create new, previously unseen business opportunities. The main advantages of digital printing are:

  •     "Print on demand" concept. The production meets the exact demand on the market.
  •     Ability to print short runs or single copies.
  •     Unified price, less dependent on the length of the run.
  •     Good print quality for all copies.
  •     Variety of media and dimensions of the printed product.
  •     Possibility of personalisation of each copy.
  •     Low cost for preparation.
    Our state of the art technological level allows us to offer our customers the most favourable and flexible production and delivery terms. 
    • Transactional printing

      Complete service for processing and transformation of electronic information on paper. The ultimate goal is to quickly print large volumes individually customised content and various documents

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    • Books on demand

      Complete service for the production of books and textbooks in short runs. Digital publishing business model draws from the "Print - Storage - Sell" to "Sell - Produce."

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    • Direct Marketing

      Comprehensive service to prepare and send personalised colour advertising messages on paper. Targeted advertising to a properly selected target group repeatedly increases the effectiveness of a campaign and boost sales.

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