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Mailing Services

Many companies are looking for ways to optimise their regular communication with clients or the invoicing process. The repeated preparation, personalisation and sending of thousands of documents with strictly personal content (invoices, statements, orders, etc.) is difficult, complex and requires considerable resources. Moreover, often deadlines are pushing the limits. Providing resource means significant investments, which the publisher of the documents may not be ready or willing to do.

Obeying all rules on data protection, Direct Services Ltd undertakes the task - preparation, personalisation, enveloping and posting of such documents. The client is provided an electronic copy of the personalised letters, as in PDF format. Furthermore we process all undelivered letters daily and prepare detailed electronic report.
Our state of the art technological level allows us to offer our customers the most favourable and flexible terms for production of materials, printing, enveloping and invoicing.
  • Production of letters

    Comprehensive service based on electronic data processing. The ultimate goal is to achieve fast processing, printing, enveloping and distribution of targeted marketing materials, bank statements, bills, invoices, etc.

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  • Card mailing

    Complete service for automated enveloping personalised cards. The ultimate goal is rapid assembling and sending envelopes with personalised cover letter and loyalty card attached with 100% guaranteed matching data from the letter and card

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